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“Few people know of Stanislav Petrov... yet hundreds of millions of people are alive because of him.”

The Man Who Saved the World (Starring: Walter Cronkite, Robert De Niro, Matt Damon and Kevin Costner) tells the gripping true story of Stanislav Petrov - a man who single-handedly averted a full- scale NUCLEAR WORLD WAR, but now struggles to get his life back on track... before it is too late.

An epic and grand Cold War thriller that sends shivers down your spine and shows us just how close we came to Apocalypse ... and it’s not over yet! With a NEW COLD WAR rising and thousands of nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert, we still live under the same catastrophic danger that Stanislav faced back then.

"I have never been more fearful. There is greater than 50 percent probability of a nuclear strike on US targets within a decade."
- William S. Perry, former Secretary of Defense


Looking for press materials?

For all inquiries relating to this film please contact the main producers Statment Film. For press materials please go to www.themanwhosavedtheworldmovie.com

Production details

Titel: The Man Who Savde the World
Original titel:
The Man Who Savde the World
Director: Peter Anthony
Produced by: Statement Film

Origin Country:
 Denmark, USA, Russia, Ukraine 
Genre: Documentary
Release: 2014
Duration: 105 min