Malmö - Montevideo,
my place in this world


Seventeen year old Soledad Piñero are traveling to her parents homeland Uruguay to look for her origin. Her place in this world. Her parents came to Malmö as members of the revolutionary left 26 th of March.

Libertad-prison outside Montevideo in Uruguay. A group of political prisoners with connections to the city guerilla Tupamaros decides to build their own organisation in exil. When they are released after longtime imprisonment they choose Malmö in Sweden, as their new hometown in the world. Here they will build up a power that will give them the influence they lost in Uruguay back. In Malmö they build a network of companies that will use their profit to gain the fight in Uruguay.

Production details

Produced by: Westman & Gertten AB
Year of production: 1995
Director: Lars Westman & Fredrik Gertten
Producer: Fredrik Gertten
Editor: Anders Borg
Other: Produced in co-operation with SVT (Malmö, Sweden)