A warm film where we meet the poet Lasse Söderberg
and his friends at a Poetry festival in Malmö.

Lasse Söderberg is an unusual artist, poet, translator and entertainer. For many years he has arranged the international poetry days in Malmö. The world´s best known poets have visited Malmö to read their poems in barns and tea-shops, factories and churches, on street-corners and during nocturnal gatherings in Greger´s second-hand bookshop. Throughout the years more than three hundred poets have been rambling in and out of the temporary scenes of the poetry days. Lasse Söderberg has put his distinctive character on the arrangement. Poetry isn´t highbrow culture here, the poets demonstrate that by having fun. The Poetry General is a rich film with warmth, humour and a lot of sincerity. It is a film about Lasse Söderberg and his friends, but also about life, death, love and poetry.

The poets in the film:

Inger Christensen, Denmark, Angela Garcia, Colombia, Edward Lucie-Smith, Great Britain, Göran Palm, Sweden, Jaap Blonk, the Netherlands, Adnan al-Sayegh, Iraq, Lasse Söderberg, Sweden, Edoardo Sanguineti, Italy, Lars Huldén, Finland, Kenneth White, Scotland, Octavio Paz, Mexico, Marcos Ricardo Barnatán, Spain

Production details

Produced by: Westman & Gertten AB
Genre: Documentary
Length: 53 min.
Production year: 2001
Director: Fredrik Gertten & Lars Westman
Producer: Fredrik Gertten
Cut: Åsa Mossberg
Sound: Ivar Hamrin
Music: Dan Gisen Malmqvist

Produced by Westman & Gertten AB, with the support of Swedish Television, Malmö city and The Artists Council.