You don´t have to be a football fanatic to appreciate
The Way Back – True Blue 2. By the Swedish movie premiere in
the spring of 2002 the film was honoured for its warmth and humour.

The legendary football team Malmö FF has been kicked out of the Swedish Premier League for the first time in 64 years. The camera captures the despair in the faces of the players and leaders afterwards in the locker room. The unemployed supporter Lasse is home in his kitchen, devastated. His girlfriend Maria is trying to console him. From now on, the way back to the Premier League begins. Lasse follows his team at the football grounds all around Sweden. But sometimes he drinks a little too much…

A young guy with an immigrant background gets an important role in the team. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is described as being the greatest talent in Swedish football ever. However, his cocky attitude creates problems in the team. Zlatan has to control his temperament and learn that football is a team sport.

Extraction from the movie:

It was not today we lost. It was not today we dropped out,guys.
This is the beginning of something that we all shold take response infore:
The way back to the premier division.
We have aways been a little bit prepare fot this,luckely.

It feels rock hard
-but at the same time we are agreed
now were gonna fight back dammit
to make shore this sojourn gonna last for one year.

We shall back now.

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2002.01.25 - 2002.02.02